The Latest Coffee Trends of Millennials2 min read

26 June, 2019


The Latest Coffee Trends of Millennials2 min read

With the ever-changing coffee culture, millennials are those who are drinking the most coffee. In the US, for example, millennials consume about 44% of the total amount of coffee in the country. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the latest coffee trends of the millennials generation .

Takeaway Coffee 


Millennials are no longer traditional java drinkers. Sitting at a table and enjoying a breakfast meal with a cup of coffee is somehow time-consuming in their opinions. They prefer quick and easy (without the sacrifice of quality) choices instead for their active, on-the-go lifestyle.

Their strong crave for this particular convenience, thus, makes some contributions to the growth of the takeaway coffee industry. It has long become the norm to see Instagram updates of trendy young people with a Venti Starbucks in their one hand, their smartphone on the other.

The Importance of Coffee Quality and Origin


Although millennials prefer takeaway coffee, they also care a great deal about the quality and origin of the coffee beans used to make their cups of java. They want to know about where the coffee beans are grown, whether they are organic, fair-trade and how they are brewed.

The reasons for this are twofold, one is the extremely high level of coffee assumption among Millenials. Statistics reveal that young people commonly drink coffee about 2-3 cups per day. 

Trendy Cold Coffee


The millennials always gravitate to new and trendy coffee products. Currently, cold coffee such as cold brew or nitro coffee are the latest trends among young people. The proportion of cold coffee consumed in the afternoon, dinner and evening is dominant compared to others. They love cold coffee for their slightly sour and pleasantly bitter taste, which brings a fresh and unique experience.

This generation represent a big and growing segment in the coffee industry; so it goes without saying that coffee manufacturers should catch up with the latest trends among the Millennials in order to adjust the production and marketing strategies.

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