Review On 5 Popular Ready-To-Drink ( RTD ) Coffee Products3 min read

5 July, 2019


Review On 5 Popular Ready-To-Drink ( RTD ) Coffee Products3 min read

If you are on the go all day, ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee will be your proper option of beverages for its time-saving benefit. However, there are hundreds of RTD coffee products out there, which might cause you some difficulty in choosing the perfect fit.

Below are our reviews on 5 brands of RTD coffee that are easy to find and deliver decent quality that will best serve your need! We also have a lot of full in-depth reviews on other coffee product in our review category!

1. Vita Coco – Cafe Latte


This RTD coffee is made from mixing coconut water with coffee, milk and sugar. It brings the flavor of sweet, chocolate-y and sour. Consequently, it might not best appeal to those who do not like coconut. 

A pack of Vita Coco is priced at $2.99, containing 140 calories and 120mg caffeine.

2. Califia Farms Triple Shot Cold Brew With Almond Milk


A bottle of Califia farms cold brew has the same price as Vita Coco, yet having only 110 calories. With this product, you can smell the distinct aroma of Bailey’s Irish Cream and vanilla sugar. 

In the first sip, you may find this RTD product a little peculiar for its combination taste of bitter, almond and salt. However, it will soon turn to pleasantly sweet, with a touch of caramel popcorn flavor.

3. Illy Latte Macchiato


When it comes to price, a can of Illy latte macchiato costs just $2.49 with the amount of calories and caffeine up to 120 and 80mg, respectively. 

This kind of RTD coffee is not overly sweet. Hence, it is suitable for people who take it easy on sugar.

4. Starbucks Frappuccino


Starbucks Frappuccino delivers up to 290 calories at the cost of $2.79 only. Therefore, this product can also work as a meal alternative.  Additionally, remember to shake it before drinking because some amount of ingredients might settle to the bottom. 

If you are not a fan of sugar but Starbuck, you will not like this RTD coffee due to its intense sweetness with creamy flavor. Instead, how about take a look at Starbuck Cold Brew Pitcher Pack and others cold brew pitcher in this post.

5. High Brew Double Espresso


There is up to 163mg caffeine in a can of High Brew double espresso and the price is equal to that of Illy latte macchiato. 

It is an RTD coffee product that is easy to drink by virtue of its aroma of natural caramel and its flavor of slight sweetness and pleasant bitterness.

To sum up, the 5 RTD coffee products listed above are easy to find in the market. However, be sure to take your taste into consideration in order to choose the right kind for yourself. And if you are looking for an RTD Nitro Cold Brew, take a look at this post!