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What Is Cold Brew, Actually?4 min read

19 June, 2019


What Is Cold Brew, Actually?4 min read

Once upon a time, we thought that hot coffee was the greatest brew of choice. However, coffee has been enjoyed cold for at least four centuries. And now, we have Cold-Brew Coffee, which does not require boiling water, or even electricity, to make; yet its popularity has been steadily rising in the past few years.

Let’s take a closer look at this trending java!

Is Cold Brew A Kind Of Iced Coffee Or Cold Coffee?

A Pot of Cold Brew

Cold Brew might be coffee that is Cold, but it’s definitely NOT Iced Coffee. While other iced coffee methods use hot-brewed coffee or instant coffee and then add ice in the final step, Cold Brew is coffee brewed with cold, or room temperature water for 12 to 24 hours. Cold Brew method uses time to extract the coffee’s oil, sugars and the main star, caffeine. The major difference is that it’s never exposed to heat in the process.

This unique method leads to an incredible result: a very strong java concentrate, which needs to be cut with water or milk. In the end, customers fall in love with its rich, smooth flavor and low acidity.

Kyoto-style Coffee – The First Known Cold Brew Method

A modern Kyoto-style coffee maker

The earliest record of low temperature brewed coffee is the Kyoto-style coffee, named for its popularity in Kyoto, Japan. The Japanese have been using this method since the 1600s. The mystery said that the Japanese might learn about it from Dutch traders. They used it as a way to make coffee on their ships.

Over time, Kyoto-style brews have become more artistic. The coffee is made by dripping water one drop at a time through glass apertures suspended like a tower. This process is unlike most modern coffee-making methods today.

How Did The Cold Brew Come To The U.S And Become Popular?

In 1964, Todd Simpson, an engineer, went on a botanical trip to Peru. He noticed the locals enjoying their traditional cold-brewed coffee and learned the method. And soon, he developed and patented his own brewing method at home. His method, nowadays, is the famous Toddy Cold Brew System.

The Toddy products today are available in stores throughout 5 countries and Europe. And cold-brewed coffee can be found in more. According to the National Coffee Association in 2018, 10% of coffee drinkers said that they drunk cold brew daily in 2017. The number of this cold coffee orders were 49% higher than iced coffee in 2018. This number in 2016 was 19% but vice versa. The increase in popularity enjoyed by cold brew is indeed extremely visible and significant.

Will Cold Brewed Java Continue Its Current High?

Sandow’s London Cold Brew Coffee

A number of coffee brands and retailers, especially the giants in the industry like Starbucks, have offered cold-brewed java on their menu. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of ready-to-drink cold brewed coffees, mostly severed in chic bottles. Even in the UK, where tea is preferred over coffee, there are some British coffee brands like Sandows London and Yorkshire’s Artemis offering ready to drink cold-brewed bottles.

Believe it or not, this kind of java will soon appear in every corner of the world where fresh and quality coffee is demanded. It’s simple to see, this cold coffee is everything that is tasty, cool. But the point is: it definitely wakes you up, in every meaning.

To learn more about the amazing rise of this kind in coffee industry and nitro cold brew – a new coffee trend worldwide, you can visit here.

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