The Trendiest Cold Brew Brands In The World3 min read

21 June, 2019


The Trendiest Cold Brew Brands In The World3 min read

In case you have not noticed, Cold Brew coffee is living in its heyday. For just a decade, it has risen to become one of the most popular coffee-related beverages due to its special brewing method and taste. Currently, there are thousands of brands making attempts on producing cold brew coffee. Following are 5 brands that we highly recommend for your most delightful cup of cold brew.

1. Chameleon

Concentrating on the natural flavor of coffee beans, Chameleon cold brew brand produces a wide range of strong and flavorful cold brew products, varying from pure to milk blended. Try a bottle of Chameleon cold brew, you could discernibly find top-quality flavor with sophisticatedly sour and pleasantly bitter taste.

2. KonaRed

KonaRed coffee brand is created by steeping roasted and ground coffee beans in cold water in up to 16 hours. Grown in farms in Kona on Hawaii, USA and specially roasted, coffee of KonaRed can keep their consistency and freshness. A cup of KonaRed can give you a true taste of coffee and liven up your morning.

3. High Brew Coffee

If you crave for something sweet, High Brew Coffee products may be your proper choice. Their products are absolutely made for java drinkers who love sugar with the flavor ranging from slightly sweet to highly sweet. It now has 6 different flavors for you to choose: Double Espresso, Black & Bold, Dark Chocolate Mocha, Creamy Cappuccino, Salted Caramel, and Mexican Vanilla.

4. Soylent Coffiest

2 Soylent Coffiest Coffee Bottles

Cold brew of Soylent Coffiest Brand will be perfect for java drinkers who love nutritious and healthy beverages. A cup of Soylent Coffiest provides a balanced dose of caffeine and a small meal of nutrients. However, due to its nutritional content, a bottle from this purveyor delivers up to 400 calories; so it will be perfect for daytime use. It will be a good choice for you whenever you do not have enough time to prepare for yourself a meal.

5. Grady’s Cold Brew

Grady’s Cold Brew Brand

You may need Grady’s Cold Brew for an effective working day. This New Orleans-style cold brew coffee concentrate will bring you an extremely active morning. Each 32-ounce bottle of this coffee brand can make 8 cups of delicious cold-brew coffee for you to enjoy. You will highly focus on your work if you drink this every day.

To sum up, the aforementioned brands have their own distinctive features. Give each of them a try and you will assuredly figure out the reasons why they deserve to be on top of your cold brew list.

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