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Italian Coffee Culture: Interesting Unwritten Rules2 min read

25 June, 2019


Italian Coffee Culture: Interesting Unwritten Rules2 min read

We all know that Italia is the romantic nation, and we also know that they are passionate about coffee. Like many other countries, the Italian have their own extraordinary share of contribution to the coffee culture, with the very uniqueness and charms that can hardly be found anywhere else.

Espresso Drinks Are The Most Favored


Coffee in Italy dates back to the 16th century. Since then, the affection for this beverage has never worn off. Espresso, Macchiato, Latte and Cappuccino are the commonly mentioned by the native people when it comes to coffee.

Although Italy is not the country where coffee originated in, it is the home to numerous types of coffee, most well-known for Espresso. Espresso is also the main ingredient of Latte, Macchiato and Cappuccino. Those who adore pure flavor of coffee often go with a strong cup of Espresso. Meanwhile, Latte and Cappuccino is more preferable for java drinkers who enjoy sweetened and milky taste.

A Coffee Culture Of Unwritten Rules

coffee is famous in Italy and in Milan it is almost a ritual.

The Italian drink lots of coffee. They consider it as a crucial part in their daily life. Thus, there exists some etiquette habitually followed by them.

A standard day of them begins with a cup of cappuccino for breakfast, 1-2 cups of macchiato for lunch and a cup of espresso after dinner. The time spent on enjoying a coffee cup is normally short. People often drink it right at the coffee bar instead of at a table. Hence coffee culture in this nation is attached to the words “fast coffee” or “coffee on the go”.

One more interesting fact is that they almost never drink cappuccino after 11am because cappuccino is, according to them, used for breakfast only.

If you are a java lover, you may sometimes try drinking coffee in the Italian way, yet make sure that you have the ability to drink a great deal of coffee per day, and even late in the evening!

Every country has its own peculiarities in their coffee culture. You can also find some interesting information about that in Finland or Ethiopia here.