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Diverse coffee culture in Asia4 min read

10 June, 2019


Diverse coffee culture in Asia4 min read

In such regions where religions and traditions vary from place to place like Asian countries, there are commonly many barriers for a thing to be widely accepted. Coffee, however, is the beverage that is agreed upon in almost all nations in this continent but in each nation, coffee culture has its own distinctive features.

Let’s take a closer look at the following typical Asian countries to figure out what their peculiarities in coffee culture are.

1. Japan – enjoy a pure cup of coffee in a medium time


The Japanese is one of the biggest coffee consumers in the world. They love pure coffee. In specialty coffee shops in Japan, beans are ground to order and coffee is made by hand with care. They use filter paper when brewing to minimize the bad effects of coffee grounds.

Japanese people do not spend quite a short time or long time enjoying a cup of coffee. They just need enough time in order not to miss any tastes of the cup.

2. Korea – visually beautiful cup of milk coffee


In Korea, coffee officially caught on in the 1800s when the King was popularly known to be a coffee lover. The Korean, unlike the Japanese, prefer milk coffee to black coffee. They can be found using a great amount of milk for each cup.

Nevertheless, the taste of coffee is not the only thing attached to importance, but also the decor of the cup. The Korean coffee enjoyers want their coffee cups to be subtle and sophisticated in terms of visual appearance.

3. China – enjoying coffee at Starbucks’ means showing social status


As called “country of tea” for over 4000 years, China has changed a lot with the popularity of coffee since the arrival of Starbucks. The Chinese go to coffee shops not only to drink coffee but also to show their social status. Although they like sitting at a Starbucks’ store to present their status quo, their favorite beverages are actually traditional latte and red bean frappuccino.

4. Vietnam – rapid growth & unique coffee culture


First introduced into Vietnam by French colonists in the late 19th century, coffee has been rapidly developed. The country became the 2nd biggest coffee exporter on the globe, surpassed only by Brazil just within 100 years.

Travelers around the world often come here craving for a taste of strong traditional coffee. Coffee beans are roasted for 15 minutes, coffee grounds then are loaded into a filter and drip to the cup beneath. Vietnamese traditional cup of coffee is kinda strong, but until now it has diversified from black coffee, sweetened condensed milk coffee to creative egg yolk coffee, etc.

In Vietnam, coffee is more than a beverage. The native people appreciate and consider it as an integral part of their life. They “go coffee” not for a drink only, but to relax and connect to their friends or partners. That’s why they drink coffee a lot and often spend quite a long time enjoying a cup in a coffee store.

If you are a coffee lover, don’t forget to try a cup of coffee in every place you go to in your next Asia tours; you’re definitely going to discover something special in each cup.

To get more information about Vietnamese coffee cultures and other countries’ ones, you can visit here. Besides, nitro cold brew is currently a new coffee trend around the world if you want to know.