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Coffee In The Life Of Finland2 min read

25 June, 2019


Coffee In The Life Of Finland2 min read

The Finnish (Finland citizens) drink about 12 kilograms of coffee per year, which is the world largest amount per person. Behind this epic number, there are a lot of incredible facts about this country java habit. Let’s discover the impact of coffee on the life of Finland people!

Coffee Breaks Mark The Finnish Daily Routine 

The Finnish coffee breaks can reveal their timetable. A Finn starts the day with a cup of filter coffee. For most people here, the first thing they do after coming home from work is to brew a cup of afternoon coffee. It is typical that the corridors of a workplace are stained by coffee spills because everyone walks around with a cup of java in their hand. There are even words in the Finnish language to specifically address different types of coffee during the day, such as: aamukahvi (morning coffee), päiväkahvi (day coffee), and iltakahvi (evening coffee).

The Favorite Roast Level: Light Roast

According to Finnpartnership 2017 Report, coffee is roasted so much lighter in Finland than in Southern and Central Europe. Its coffee is the lightest roast in the world. 94% of Finland coffee consumption in 2010 was light roasted.

This may explain why darker roasted coffee drinks, like espresso and cappuccino, is still quite a new thing in Finland. Those drinks are mostly consumed in cafés.

The Finns Have Been Drinking Up To 10 Cups Of Coffee Per Day Since At Least 1987

A report about Finland coffee consumption in 1987 revealed an amazing fact. 14% of men and 6% of women (out of 10,000 Finns between the ages of 25 and 64) drink more than 10 cups of coffee per day.

This report also discovered some other interesting facts. For instance, the report said that Finland average daily coffee consumption had been higher than in other countries since 1987. The most popular type of coffee at that time in Finland was filter coffee. This method remained its leading position in 2017.

Behind the great consumption of Finland, there is a unique coffee culture with a longstanding history. It goes without doubt that coffee has become an irreplaceable part of the Finnish lifestyle. 

Besides, there are a number of countries where their native people consider coffee as an integral part of their daily life like Italy. You can visit here for more knowledge on coffee culture of Italy and global coffee trends.

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