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2019: Coffee Trends Around The World3 min read

17 June, 2019


2019: Coffee Trends Around The World3 min read

According to statistics, 158.93 million bags of 60kg coffee have been produced during the start of time, which is quite an impressive number. For years, this industry has remained ever-changing and hyperdynamic due to the shifts in demands and system. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to new coffee trends in the java coffee industry if you want to keep up.

Today, let’s take a cup of coffee and get ready for some full in-depth facts about the current trends in our coffee world!

The Finns (Finland Citizens) – Champions of Coffee Consumption

The first and also most surprising fact we would like to introduce here is: the world’s largest coffee consumption per person goes to FINLAND Believe it or not, on average, a Finn (meaning: a Finland citizen) consumes about 12kg of coffee per year. Eight or nine cups a day is a norm for people in this country, with some consuming up to as many as 30 cups (which may lead to serious health problems and not recommended by us), daily.

Following are the top five countries in coffee consumption:

  1. Finland: 12 kg (per person a year)
  2. Norway: 9.9 kg
  3. Iceland: 9.0 kg
  4. Denmark: 8.7 kg
  5. Netherlands: 8.4 kg

America – The Overall Largest Buyer

America is the overall largest buyer of coffee in the world, at 971,000 tonnes per year, according to Euromonitor. The second position belongs to Brazil, followed by Germany, Italia, and France.

  1. USA: 971,000 (tonnes)
  2. Brazil: 969,000
  3. Germany: 425,000
  4. Italy: 211,000
  5. France: 202,000

Which Type Of Coffee Is The Most Popular?

The National Coffee Association’s Annual Report 2019 has revealed that for 3 years straight, the consumption of espresso-based beverages has remained at an all-time high of 24%. Additionally, gourmet coffee beverages* for the first time reached 60% or more share over non-gourmet among past-day drinkers. This trend can be explained by the desire of customers for quality, which drives java drinkers, in general, to demand for high quality product like gourmet coffee.

(*Gourmet coffee beverages: includes brewed gourmet, espresso-based beverages, and non-espresso-based beverages such as blended drinks or cold brew.)

Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Coffee Has Marked Its Name

Ready-to-Drink Coffee has been widely embraced by customers worldwide, especially young people who are becoming increasingly on the go. The busier they are, the more they require for convenience, and RTD coffee provides just that! 89% of the adults surveyed said that they were aware of RTD coffee in NCA’s 2019 research.

Home-made Coffee Trend Still On Air

According to the 2019 NCA’s Annual Report, the percentage of people who are reportedly drinking coffee made outside of home — i.e. in a coffee shop — dropped one point from last year to 35%. That number was 40% in 2017, and 30% in 2012.

In conclusion, the coffee industry has changed significantly for the past few years and there are always new trends to catch up with. However, there is one fact which still remains: the demand for coffee continues to rise, and this very important product is here to stay, and to thrive.

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