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A Closer Look At Nitro Cold Brew Coffee3 min read

24 June, 2019


A Closer Look At Nitro Cold Brew Coffee3 min read

Since Starbuck Nitro Cold Brew took the signature cold brew coffee to a new level, this combination of nitrogen gas and cold brew coffee has been popping up left and right in local coffee shops and even grocery stores. So, let’s take a closer look at this badass drink.

A Combination Of Gas And Java

Nitro Cold Brew is, in a nutshell, cold brew coffee added with nitrogen – a colorless gas. This combination may sound strange yet not a totally new phenomenon. Soda, beer, tonic are some significant examples of a mix of drink and gas.  But why not carbon dioxide, but nitrogen? “It makes the texture foamier” says Brian Lovejoy, general manager of coffee for Califia Farms. That explains why a glass of nitro coffee looks similar to a frothy beer and has a comparable thickness.

Incredible Texture And Nutritional Value

What makes nitro cold brew famous is its texture. While original cold brew is subtle and sweet in flavor, a nitrogen cold brew cup delivers a super smooth and richer body with a foamy top. Another interesting point is, this nitrogen drink does not require sugar to have sweet taste, thanks to the nitrogen gas. This sounds great to people who are on diet yet still fancy a cup of pleasantly sweet coffee.

A Complex Recipe

Nitrogen cold brew method is typically the original cold brew method, with a few additional steps and equipments. After getting the cold brew ready, the coffee is then poured into a keg. It’s then infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles and routed through a pressurized valve. Experiences and skills are also required, especially in infusing the coffee with nitrogen.

Top Dollars For Top Taste

Since the debut, a Starbucks grand (16 fl. oz.) nitrogen coffee price ranges from $3.25 to $3.95, which is about one dollar higher than a Starbucks regular iced coffee. At Stumptown Coffee, the first brand in the world serving this nitrogen drink, a 12-ounce cold brew costs about $3.50, but the same size cup with nitrogen costs about $4.50. A pack of 12 Stumptown nitro cold brew cans cost up to $95 on Amazon ( nearly $8 per one).

Nitro cold brew coffee is now a trend among java drinkers. There are still numerous coffee trends around the world in general and in Asia in particular you can find out in our category.

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